Saturday, July 19, 2008

Search terms that uncover radical feminist blogs

I really love my sitemeter, the unintentional source of much hilarity. Among the searches that lead people to this page are:

  1. why do men constantly masturbate if they have a significant other?
  2. beauty teen 12 years old xx
  3. preteen forced sex
  4. middle school girl xx
  5. preteen orgasms
  6. free home made porn older women younger men
  7. xx larger sexy woman porn

1. Well, I don't know. I don't have a penis. You're not going to find the answer here, sorry. If I may make an educated guess, it's probably because sometimes it's just easier to masturbate. At least for me, I don't have to worry about what I smell like or if I feel like reciprocating. Don't take it personally, okay?

2-5. I find it unintentionally hilarious that dudez out there looking for some hot XX underage rape get a radical feminist blog instead.

6-7. Again, surfing for porn and turning up an anti-porn site is just precious. I wish google bombing still worked like it used to, and for every time someone looked for porn they'd get something like oneangrygirl.


Nine Deuce said...

I just got a good one: eat fat women's butthole.

Jen said...

After that, Nine Deuce, you really have to wonder how far the rabbit hole goes. I mean, is there some sort of person for every potentially exploitive fetish?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

Sorry to leave a random comment here. I just discovered your wonderfulness, I think you posted at IBTP? And I was like damn! Yeah! So then I came here and I'm like DAMN!!! YEAH!!!

One quick question- I see that you have alas a blog linked. Do you know the whole "he sold his domain to a bunch of pornographers" story? Maybe you do, and don't mind, but I just feel the need to let bloggers know.

Anyways, sorry for the random comment, I couldn't figure out how to just email you. I am so smart!

:) Awesome blog, seriously awesome.

Nine Deuce said...

I'm positive that no matter what you come up with, some fruitcake is into it, and that there's at least one website dedicated to it. I'd do an experiment to find out, but I'm not into getting traumatized today. Maybe tomorrow I'll see if there's a website dedicated to the wacking-off-while-breakdancing-and-eating-tacos crowd.