Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Comment Policy

This is my blog and personal space. I reserve the right to delete any comment, regardless of content. Contributions are encouraged, trolling is strictly prohibited. The following will always be deleted:

  1. Threats of violence against the poster or another commenter
  2. Insults directed at the poster or another commenter that are unduly inflammatory, sexist, racist, or offensive
  3. Off-topic posts
  4. Hijacking the thread and soapboxing
  5. Spam or link-heavy comments
  6. Exceptionally horrible grammar and syntax
  7. Proclamations of my utter failure as a human being and a supposed inferiority to your awesome powers of reason
  8. Inquires or statements of the poster's or other commenters' weights, attractiveness, or mental complexes
  9. The serious use of labels like feminist, fat, strident, bitchy, young, or gay to discredit someone
  10. Anything that pisses me off
This is my space, and I get to be as loud, opinionated, and mean as I want. Deal with it. If you really want to whine about how horrible I am, use your own damn blog.

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