Sunday, July 13, 2008

Women aren't Human

As much as I would like to deny it, some people really do think that women aren't human.


Consider the Humanist. He or she says that they are opposed to Feminism. They object to the "raising of one gender above another" and would rather spend time crusading for human rights. Among those that profess such lofty sentiments are MRAs, intellectuals, liberal dudez, anti-feminist women, and control-troll writers.

So how do I know that they think women aren't human?

Simple! If they profess those who are for women's rights are against or not for human rights, they are operating under the premise that the movement for women's full agency is somehow in opposition or contrary to the movement for full human rights. The only way that an ideology that speaks for the female gender, or 51% of the global population, is not for human rights is if women are not human.

So next time someone tells you that they think feminism is anti-human rights, or that it is too myopic, tell them that you don't associate with morons who think the prerequisite for humanity is a penis.


KellyMac said... That was a hell of a leap. If leaping to completely unrelated conclusions were an Olympic event, you would take the gold. Congratulations.

Jennifer-Ruth said...

I don't think that was a leap at ALL. That is exactly what anti-feminists think.

Worring about teh menz = worrying about humanity as a whole

Worring about women = zomg! Man hater!!

'Cause women aren't people. *rolls eyes*

Jen said...

Somebody has to worry about teh menz, Jennifer. It's not like they control the ruling forces of the world and media outlets to air their concerns.

KellyMac said...


Exactly. Thank you for making my point.

Yes I know you were being facetious. That's what's so sad about teh wymynz studiez.